About us

Storehouse & Field is an enhanced community food hub based in Shafton, Barnsley.

Good food should be available to all, and everybody should be able to enjoy it. Our members pay a monthly fee (memberships start at £26 a month) and this gives them access to quality and affordable surplus food, at a fraction of the prices of supermarkets. We are here to help you:

  • Save money
  • Reduce your weekly food bill
  • Reduce food waste

Food is there to be enjoyed. When money is tighter, the first thing to go tends to be the enjoyment that food can bring. We want to make sure that everybody can enjoy food to the fullest. From meal preparation all the way through to demolishing every delicious mouthful, we’re here to support you in filling your cupboards, fridge and freezer with high quality and diverse ingredients and meals that help you and your family to make food fun and exciting again.

We’ve got heaps of ideas; recipes, tips and tricks to bring into your kitchen.

From just £6 a week, a standard weekly shop with us could look like this:

A typical basket shop includes a good variety of food to supplement your weekly shopping experience

Don’t live in Shafton? If you are Barnsley based and can reach us, you can become a member of our hub. We hope that this is the first Storehouse & Field of many, so if one opens up closer to home, you’ll be able to transfer your membership across no problem


There’s a membership to suit everyone, whether you’re looking to be a standard, family or pay it forward member. All memberships are payable by direct debit or monthly online payments, helping you to manage your food budget without added stress, leaving you in control. Should you decide to leave us, you can cancel any time. Simply choose from the list below the membership that most suits your needs:


  • £26 per month
  • If you’re a member for a year, that works out at £6 a week
  • Average savings of £65 a month
  • Free starter kit upon joining
  • Discounted use of the Hub Café


  • For households of 5 or more people
  • £50 per month
  • If you’re a member for a year, that works out at £11.50 a week
  • Average savings of £132 a month
  • Free starter kit upon joining
  • Discounted use of the Hub Café


  • For those who love their community & love a bargain, this is the ideal membership for those who can afford to give a little more, support their neighbours, and still benefit from the Hub themselves
  • £45 per month
  • Average savings of £46 a month
  • Free starter kit upon joining
  • FREE drink in the café on your shop day

How we work

Our hub is currently open:

Wed 10am – 5pm & Fri 11am – 4pm

Each week, we have a range of foods for you to choose from. What we have on offer varies, but you’ll always have the following categories to choose your food from:

Fruit & vegetables
Store cupboard essentials
Dairy and dairy alternatives

We display what a basket shop looks like on our chalkboard. So it might tell you to pick 4 portions of fruit & vegetables, and within that you can pick your favourites (we won’t force broccoli on you if you don’t like it!) Dividing things into categories helps to keep things fair, and we also know we’ve sent you home with a good balance of food.

In addition to a basket full of yummy food, we also offer a range of cooking demonstrations and classes. Ask in store about our upcoming events.

& a little bit more

It’s not all about the food! We love our food, and we’re loud and proud foodies, but we’re also here for other things too. Whether that’s sorting out some support in other areas (money worries, mental health, etc) or simply giving you a person to call to get some specialist advice, let us know.

What we do is community led, so if you think we’re missing something that you and others would enjoy, let us know.  

How do we stock our Hub?

We source our food from a range of suppliers. Some food is bought from wholesalers, we are also FareShare Yorkshire members meaning that we receive a range of high quality surplus food on a weekly basis. In addition, we are keen to establish good working relationships with local suppliers in the Barnsley area.

If you would like to become one of our stockists, please contact us at: hello@goodfoodbarnsley.org

Enjoy the benefits of membership

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