Our history

Storehouse & Field was developed by Good Food Barnsley to support Barnsley citizens in accessing great quality food that doesn’t break the bank. We know that Barnsley was ranked the 38th most deprived area in England in 2019 (BMBC), which means that there’s a large number of people across the borough struggling with food insecurity.

A gap in support

Good Food Barnsley did some work to look at what support is available to citizens across the borough, and saw a notable gap in support for those who experience what’s commonly known as ‘moderate food insecurity’. What this means is that there’s a group of people who often have to choose between reducing the quality and/or quantity of their food in order to make ends meet. Also known as those ‘just about getting by’, or ‘living on the breadline’, and it’s more common than a lot of people realise.

There is a difference between moderate food insecurity and needing to access Foodbanks, which is most commonly known as crisis provision. Having the right support for people is important, and Storehouse & Field is a form of supported food access that fills a gap in Barnsley. The idea behind it is to offer membership and support in a way that gives the power back to the people. We want our Partners to feel empowered through the Storehouse & Field project, it isn’t about telling people what to do, it’s about providing guidance and support so that our Partners can feel more confident in making choices that are right for them.

Thinking differently about food

When money is tight, food is often a cause of stress or anxiety, and the joy of food can be taken away. Something that was really important to us was to create a supported food access model that brought the fun back into food and its related practices (preparation, cooking, eating, etc). The Barnsley food pathway was developed to think about how food and food access can be done differently. Essentially, how food brings us together and allows us to look at the world differently.

If you’ve got less money to put into your food shop budget, the risks of trying new foods are greater, and making sure there is enough to go around can be a source of concern. Storehouse & Field intends to reinvigorate our Partners’ relationships with the food on their plate, bringing people together through an enriching set of services – classes, workshops and lunches (and more) alongside a variety of food available in our Hub.

The idea behind Storehouse & Field is about providing a space for you to be inspired and empowered, and to be part of a likeminded community of people.

Enjoy the benefits of membership

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